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For our 2023 Chapter Challenge, the focus was on buttons—big buttons or small buttons. We challenged members to mxix them up, match them up or stack them up. Make them utilitarian or purely decorative. Use them in any type of project—garments, toys, wall hangings, fabric jewelry, tote bags, home décor—anything they could think of as long as it utilized some fabric and a needle and thread.

blue ribbon.jpg

For our winning entry, chapter member Orli created bound buttonholes using a technique attributed to the French couture designer Balmain. The buttonholes are unusual because they extend into a seam, creating a decorative effect.

The tree in this wall hanging is comprised of faced blocks that are folded into the tree shapes. Once the tree is formed, each block is opened up, stitched along the fold line, refolded and secured with a button.

Over 100 buttons were hand-sewn to this pillow to form the snowflake pattern. This project was also honored with a blue ribbon at the New Jersey State Fair.

This appliqued and quilted panel celebrates all things ice cream. Button sprinkles make everything extra yummy!

This fall themed table runner has multi-colored, leaf shaped buttons on each triangle point,

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