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This area is for the exclusive use of ASG members and requires access with a username and/or password.
ASG Member Login will take you to the Members Only area of the National ASG website where members can access special offers, downloads, on demand videos and other helpful information. Members…don’t miss out on specials and webinar notification by logging into the members only section and updating your contact information!

ASG Special Offers are a valuable benefit! Many ASG industry supporters provide special offers on sewing-related products, events, and services to our members. Click on the “Special Offers” link  in the Members Only section of for more information.

ASG NJ Member Login will take you to downloadable PDFs of our chapter newsletter, our CAB minutes and links to past episodes of The SEW. If you do not know the ASG North Jersey password (different from your national login user name and password), email us.

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